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Independent Cyber Security Researcher

Hello Friends my name is Atif Mallo,  I was born on Feb 1994 in, Gilgit, Pakistan. I m a student of Computer Science.  I started learning about computer & internet in 2002 on internet & Academies, And thus, after many years of continually struggles now I have knowledge about computer and internet. Now this is the most important thing for me, I really respect it. I try to share it before leaving this world, however at this time I continue learning new things every day because Information technology is going to modern ways. Everyday is a new day for me as a learner and I must try to learn at least one new thing daily. I am heavily involved in the academic community.

Surprise, Ideas and Objectives:

Few years ago, when I was searching/browsing on the internet for some kind of Blogger tutorials, because my skills was not better that time, I didn’t find a reliable or perfect material on internet to learn something absolutely free and more importantly complete with explained.  I decide same time that I would create a Social  platform or BLOG/SITE for my users one day, and today you’re seeing it “www.Bbcpak.com”, & this is a solution of your problem’s. The first time I did it start on 2009. My Website operates in a full year. After all I’m a passionate blogger & web developer.

My Knowledge Profile:

  • Web App Penetration Testing
  • Server Penetration Testing
  • Web App Exploitation
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Power Point, Excel).
  • Writing Articles & Presentations.
  • Web Designing with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Dreamweaver, JavaScript & Jquery.
  • Blogging (Blogger, WordPress).
  • Web Development with (Art Isteer, PHP, My SQL, Magento, Prstashop, WordPress).
  • Graphics Designing with Photoshop, Corel Draw, Inpage.
  • SEO (Having Good Experience).
  • Managing Domain Pannel, CPanel& Web Hosting.
  • Webmaster Tool(Bing, Google & Yahoo for crawling & indexing website).
  • Google Add Word & Keywords.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Google Site Map (Bing, Yahoo).
  • Google Analytics (Collecting/Viewing site’s statistical data).
  • Google Feedburner (Google tool for syndicating your content).
  • Earn Money Online  (Infolinks, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancer & Other different Services).
  • Transferring Blogger to WordPress &WordPress to Blogger.
  • Social Media with (Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube).

My Message for all of you:

Always respect your parents teacher & elders, So you’ll be successful guarranted. Always works hard to achieve success. Respect all Copyrights laws and issues, Always mentions those peoples who’ve helped you in bad times. Always be happy.

My Personal Profiles on the Internet:

I am using all social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and so on. You can find & follow me everywhere on internet. When you Follow me on all social networks so we can be good friends.

What you can learn?

You Can Learn on (www.Bbcpak.com) Algorithm, Adsense, Blogger, Business English, C & C++ Language, Corel Draw, DLD, Java, DataBase, I.T, Inpage, HTML5 & CSS3, Java Script, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Programming, PhotoShop, S.E.O Tools, &Wordpress, In Urdu Hindi &Saraiki Tutorials, Computer tips & tricks, & Get News Updates only on www.Bbcpak.com

About Bbcpak.com:

Bbcpak.Com is a News Network that provides You  Video Tutorials,  Articles on different Topic,  Advertising Services, Funny Video, Live TV Channels, Different Courses, News Updates, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development Services, Other Different Services & Much More.

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