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Wearable Technology is a Fitness King – Wearable Tech Reviews

Wearable have transformed the manner in people approach and view fitness. They not only help us stay on track with our fitness programs but also offer the best alternative solutions to staying healthy. This explains their popularity especially in a technologically fast transforming world where almost everything is digitized. Wearables have topped the list of the most popular fitness trends for the second consecutive row. It is termed, by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as the ‘hottest fitness trend’. In the contemporary world, fitness trackers like Misfit and Fitbit are must-have technological gizmos and so are the likes of Apple Watch and Garmin.

What are they?

Wearables devices that help accomplish routine activities with relative ease. Their multipurpose nature is what makes them popular than other technological gizmos in market and that explains their growing popularity amongst consumers. They are of many categories; some are simple while others are sophisticated. Either way they help solve common every day challenges that many face. All wearables can generally be categorized into business usage and personal usage and in both cases they apply in the following circumstances;

  • Tracking fitness levels.
  • Fashion accessories
  • Health monitoring
  • Navigation.
  • Synchronizing or connecting other similar technological gizmos.
  • Communication

The list is endless; there are wearables that are designed to specifically perform the above activities while on the other hand, there are those that can perform two or more of the above functions. The difference as to which wearable to choose depends on the user needs or requirements. Common examples of wearable devices include fitness trackers, VR headsets, smartwatches, activity trackers and GPS monitoring devices.


Fitness Trends for the New Year

Besides wearable tech, ACSM also combined a list of the most trending fitness programs for the New Year. In an ascending order they include, body weight training, HIIT, fitness professionals, strength training, group training, exercising for treatment plans, yoga, personal training and weight loss. Each of these programs aims to promote one agenda-a healthy lifestyle. The body weight training for instance can promotes physical fitness through the most basic workout programs while the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) promotes physical alertness through a circuit of energy intensive exercises amidst short periods of rests. Group training and exercising for treatment plans are new trends that are gradually becoming popular amongst fitness enthusiasts this New Year. While the former is for promoting fitness awareness at different stages of fitness programs through leadership and guidance, the latter focuses more on emphasizing to physicians the importance of incorporating physical exercises in patients’ treatment regimens other than just pharmacological treatment. All these trends aim to obtain the best out of any patient or user.

Wearables for Diabetics

Diabetes requires treatment and everyday strategies to control it. Suffering diabetics are faced with the task of continuous monitoring and managing the a number of lifestyle factors; food, sleep, insulin level. Thanks to the positive development of technology, wearables are now emerging as one of the most effective tools for diabetic prevention.

Aptness Programs

In 2017, medical practitioners recommend programs that bring out the best in individuals with reference to their set health or fitness objectives. Just like the fashion industry where many go for clothes or accessories that are in the market rather than what actually looks best in them and most importantly work for them, the fitness industry is no exception to this trend. Many fitness enthusiasts (and unfortunately, fitness instructors) opt for workout programs that are in the market or those that are decorated as the most efficient in promoting healthy lifestyle. While this might be true for a majority of them, it only applies to specific categories of people based on their body structure and health status. Besides, not all fitness programs are foolproof. Fitness programs as well as fitness wearables should be used if they serve the purpose for which they were designed and most importantly, if they help the users accomplish his or her set fitness objectives.

The Future of Fitness Wearables

Fitness wearables and trackers are popular than other categories of wearables because f the ease with which they make working out towards a healthy life easy. You can now use fitness trackers to make calls, receive calls as well as receive and record messages. It eliminates the need to constantly carry your smartphone to the gym or in any the workout session or sessions. It is these constant discoveries and solutions to everyday challenges that make them popular and most importantly influential in the fitness industry. Despite a promising future, there has been concern over the sustainability of wearable manufacturers by consumers because the rate at which most consumers buy them rivals the same rate at which the very consumers abandon the wearables.

This is the case not only for fitness wearables but wearables in generals. The purchase of Pebble by Fitbit is one of the top trending stories in the wearable world and is set to mark trigger a breakthrough in the industry. In short, companies are leaning towards more encouraging steps of embracing wearables and as long as this is the case, fitness wearables just like smartwatches stand a chance of developing and expanding not only in 2017 but in the subsequent years to come.


Fitness wearables are a popular technology that many strive to own, and with a good reason. They help promote a positive lifestyle and with that in consideration, they may have stable future. Consumers of fitness wearables should first evaluate their goals and then go for devices that help them achieve those goals. It is the best way to get the most it of this trending fitness technique.

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