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Samsung Galaxy note 8 vs iPhone 8

A few days ago, we got to experience the revile of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in New York. Samsung presented to us a phone with 6.3-inch AMOLED Infinity Display, a 10nm processor, samsung galaxy note 8 camera – 12-megapixel dual rear cameras, 6GB RAM, IP68 water resistance, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 storage of 64 GB,a new S Pen, and just a few features which are cribbed from Apple. They included a very handy function such as “Live Focus” photo mode for adjusting depth and dual rear cameras with telephoto and wide-angle lenses. But how about Samsung galaxy note 8 vs iPhone 8?

iPhone 8 release date

While Samsung has already reveled their work of art Apple’s new creation iPhone 8 is jet to be released. The official date of iPhone 8 release has not been announced jet. Although some sources say that it will happen in September 12. This information can’t be 100 % true. Anyway, it should happen in September or early in October.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8

And of course, no one can wait another month or so to start comparing these phones Samsung galaxy note 8 vs iPhone 8. Yes, iPhone 8 has not been released and the internet is full of deep arguing on which is better Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Apple iPhone 8. So here is a video comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 so called dummy, prepared by MacRumors videographer Matt Gonzalez. The shots of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are visibly real and they are taken at the official launch of Unpacked event in New York.  The iPhone 8 is not the real iPhone 8 through. It is called ‘dummy’ for a reason and there is no guarantee that real iPhone 8 will look like this.

But anyways we like guessing, wondering, thinking, debating and rumoring, so here’s the video on Samsung galaxy note 8 vs iPhone 8.

As for looks it is clearly visible that big screen lovers will like Note 8 (6.3-inch Infinity Display) better that iPhone 8 (expected to be 5.8-inch OLEd display). The similarities in design are visible too, they both have glass front and back and both phones can be charged wireless. Let’s point out that we have been able to charge Samsung phones wireless since 2013 when Samsung released Galaxy S4. But it’s a long waited first for Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 security specs

As for security details both Samsung and Apple have similar features. Note 8 has facial and iris scanner which is also expected from iPhone 8. Note 8 has fingerprint scanner on its back but it is believed that iPhone 8 will have no such thing. Though it is rumored that iPhone 8 face scanner will be better that Note 8 which will make iPhone 8 a more secure phone.

Samsung Galaxy note 8 vs iPhone 8 colors

In terms of design color Samsung has four colors to offer – midnight black, maple gold, deep sea, orchid grey. And iPhone is expected to offer three – black, silver and copper. To expand that screen as close to edges as possible both iPhone 8 and Note 8 does not have physical on-screen home button. Although Note 8 has an on-screen button that detects pressure.

Samsung Galaxy note 8 vs iPhone 8: S pen vs Apple pencil

The only thing that we can definitely be sure about with no rumors involved – the S pen. Apple can only dream on such high-quality Apple pencil. And now the S pen has even better pressure sencitivity for even more phenomenal precision. This comes with also one new, fantastic and handy function that I would use every day – live message. This allows you to take notes, messages, reminders in one quick move and then send it to whomever you want. Of course, something similar we have seen with iLs digital touch but the difference is that Note 8 actually saves your message as a gif and you are able to share your thoughts and feeling with others in even more original and unique way.

Samsung Galaxy note 8 vs iPhone 8 price

The great news is that Samsung Galaxy has been available for pre-order for 4 days already. The pre-orders will start to ship out on September 15th. Maybe by then Apple will have revealed iPhone 8? Well only Apple knows the answer to this question. When talking about price comparison with these high-end smartphone prices does not surprise anyone anymore. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price starts at 900 $ and iPhone 8 price is rumored to be even higher and start at 1000 $.

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