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Nike Mag Self Lacing Shoes Reviews

Surprise! Surprise! From wearable technology to self-tying shoe technology; this is where technological growth and advancement are taking us. This is what many people term as innovation and new inventions in the current world. The advancement in shoe technology is something that has made an impact and can be felt in the technological sector. However, many people still don’t believe that there is a possibility of having self tying shoes. Nike has been developing its shoes for a long time and has continued to show interest in the technological developments being witnessed today. Following in those footsteps; Nike has decided to introduce a technology of their own, in their branded products i.e. a self- tying shoe. Nike Mag!!

The bad news is there’s a slim to none chance I’ll ever own the Mags. Nike is only making 89 pairs available to the public, so if you don’t win the raffle expect to see them on eBay for somewhere in the $20-$30k range. For context, the 2011 Mag, which lacked Nike’s Adaptive Fit tech, go for anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000. But, I suppose that’s the price you have to pay if you want to look like you’re from the future.

Nike Mag

This is a performance shoe only that it has inbuilt and automatic lacing technology. The lacing technology tightens once the shoe is fitted on with a whooshing sound. The shoe was intended to offer a solution for performers such as artists e.g. musicians, athletes, basket ballers etc. in many cases, their shoes tend to get wet and slip due to sweating during the performance, the race or the game. This causes discomfort and the shoes hinder them from giving their very best. The Nike Mag automatically tightens the race if the shoe is wet or starts to slip or you can push on the back button to tighten them. Similarly, the laces loosen if your legs swell inorder to accommodate them.

Why Now?

Technology has been the main issue in the development of this specific shoe. In the past, batteries were too big and had to be recharged, the motors were still too big and batteries had not caught up. These technologies could not be used on shoes, which made it impossible to develop the shoes to our liking. The technology resulted in heavy shoes, and plugging the shoes to the wall made it even more complicated to use. The development of the Nike Mag began in 2005 but the challenges were too many. In 2007, the possibility of developing and producing such shoes became the center of our concentration. The HyperAdapt was the first shoe to be produced with its own fitness system. This specific shoe paved the way for the Nike Mag Development.

In the recent past i.e. in 2012, the technology had caught up, the HyperAdapt was introduced to the market, and the response was tremendous. Technology has quite advanced and batteries have become small enough such that they can be incorporated into the shoes. Using small batteries and the growth present in the technological platform has made it easy to develop the Nike Mag. The Nike Mag indicated the possibility to fit and adjust the shoes with limited period. This made it suitable for players and athletes.

Whooshing Sound

When the shoe is worn, you are adviced to take a step so that the shoelaces automatically fit to your legs. During the lacing processes, a whooshing or a sound is emitted from the lacing engine located at the bottom of the shoe. The Nike calls it the comforting sound as it assures whoever puts on the shoe it is fitted perfectly. In addition, when fitting i.e. tightening, loosening or when using the fitting system, a similar sound is emitted or produced. There are specific buttons on the shoes for tightening and loosening once the shoe is fit.

Automatic Lacing

The Nike Mag is the only shoe in the world to utilize the automatic lacing technology. It has a lacing engine that is powered by a battery at the bottom of the shoe. The lacing engine tightens and loosens the laces when the shoe is worn. Once the engine is activated by putting on the shoe, it runs and pulls on the laces tightening the shoe on your foot. The automatic lacing fits however, you have the ability to tighten the shoe further or loosen it according to your preference.

Accessing the Nike Mag

The Nike Mag was produced using limited edition shoes. They were aimed at raising funds for the Michael J. Fox foundation that raises funds for people suffering from Parkinsons disease. The only way to acquire one was to purchase tickets at $10, which was a form of donating to the foundation. The tickets were drawn and winners were issued with Nike Mags. It is our hope that they will produce some more for those who were not able to acquire them in the first draw.


Tying shoes is quite a task especially for performers and children. The Nike Mag provides a shortcut and a way to avoid tying shoes. In addition, it provides fast adjustments making sure that no time is lost especially when participating in a game by pressing on the side buttons to tighten or loosen the shoe. The shoe proves that technology growing and more inventions are being expected. The Nike Mag is just a pioneer project. I am sure that the Nike Corporation is designing other shoes that will come with amazing technologies for the future. If you missed the Nike Mag, do not worry. Yours is in the process of being developed or get yourself a HyperAdapt from Nike.

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