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Wireless Charging New Rumoured Feature for iPhone 8

iphone die-hard supporters have long wanted the tech giant to add this to the features of their beloved device.With the iPhone 8 rumours suggest that this would be made a reality.

One of the issues that plague the iPhone is that it is not equipped with the wireless charging feature. This could be attributed to Apple’s use of a metal back casing. It’s because it greatly hinders wireless charging to ensue. This is despite technological advancements which permit wireless charging on metallic back cases.  Further studies and experimentation has to be done to ensure its feasibility in the long run.

At present, only gadgets with plastic, glass, or ceramic back casings are capable of the said feature.The rumours strongly suggest that Apple is shifting from aluminium back casings to glass. This casing isn’t ordinary glass. It is made of the Gorilla Glass of Corning. This makes it tough enough for everyday use.More rumours include the new iPhone having a stainless steel frame. This case is different from the aluminium alloy used previously.

This would help the tech giant cut costs for manufacturing.  Stainless Steel is much cheaper than the currently-used aluminium alloy.Set-up wise, this is quite the same with what they did with the iPhone 4 and 4S. This time around, however, it’s going to be a lot less bulky.

More speculated features of the “iPhone 8” include the ditching of the home button in favour of having it embedded on the display, as well as making use of OLED displays.

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