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Nokia 3310 Release date, Price, Specs, Reviews

HMD Global is  going to release the phone at the Mobile World before the end of ongoing month. HMD Global, which purchased the rights to the Nokia brand name in December. The original Nokia 3310, which was launched in late 2000 and became known for its long lasting battery life and durable hardware. Nokia 3310 nearly sold 126 million phones globally before being discontinued by its parent five years later, is still a benchmark for mobile phones. It become my first phone, and that i held on to it for as long time earlier than upgrading to a Nokia 1122. Its successor, the 3410, became simply as lengthy-lasting, and is still used by my mom to this very day after almost thirteen years.

Nokia 3310 Release date, Price, Specs, Reviews


May be, it is still possible to buy an original Nokia 3310 on Amazon, the handset is being sold on the marketplace – not by the company itself. Pre-installed on the Nokia 3310 were Space Impact, Snake II, Pairs II and Bantumi. HMD has confirmed the press conference for the show, with rumours of several nokia android smartphones covered up for launch:  the nokia 3, nokia 5 and nokia 6 will be include. However blass believes there can be room for one extra product debut, and that’s the nokia 3310 relaunch.

Nokia 3310 Price – Nokia 3310 Relaunch

The nokia 3310 launched on the flip of the century, it turned into a fairly costly at $161.34, That became on pay as you go with cellnet, orange or one2one. The handset changed into additionally available for $29.99 on a 12-month contract with vodafone in different countries including India. Prices will fell as low as $55.85 in few years. However given the handset’s cult popularity, charges have extended once again. The good news is that Evan Blass believes the new Nokia 3310 revamp will be priced far more economically. In his report, he claims the phone’s starting price will be $73.23, which is about $62.06 at current exchange rates.


Nokia 3310 Specification

The Nokia 3310 is basically a useless hunk of plastic. The new Nokia 3310 phone would having a 1.5in colour screen , blocky grey and green display.

The monochrome display had a paltry 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution.

Nokia 3310 lncludes a built-in FM radio, the ability to create your own ringtone.

Nokia 3310 would come with 8GB internal memory.

Nokia 3310 having 1650 MAh battery that would provide the much loved long battery life.

As it is only a concept, there’s no news in the video regarding price, release date or specific hardware for the new device, but we could find out all the details sooner than expected.

We would be very surprised if Nokia 3310 relaunch didn’t come with some variant of the game. As a long way as specifications go for the new phone, we’re now not quite positive what to anticipate.HMD ought to very without problems keep the small length of the smartphone, but build in a much higher-decision display. We’d additionally expect a nippier processor, 3G connectivity and, optimistically, bluetooth.

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